Hispanic Inspired Scramble and Toast

When I’m not craving something sweet, I’m craving something spicy! With a palate like mine always looking for bold flavors, I was quite proud of myself for whipping up this simple breakfast. This morning’s inspiration was of something hot and that resembled common flavors you can find south of the border. Hence– my hispanic inspired scramble and toast.

Veggies I used: Spinach, bell pepper, and zig zag butternut squash (super cute, you can find these at Trader Joe’s).

I topped it off with a splash of chili pepper sauce and one piece of ezekiel toast with half an avocado sliced on top.

What’s that mysterious liquid filling up the space between my scramble and toast you ask? Only my favorite reduced fat cheddar cheese, of course! Apologies for the eye sore it creates, but once that stuff gets melted, its tricky to stop the running…also I was really impatient and just wanted to eat the damn thing already.

It was totally worth it 😉

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