Hey all! My name’s Rebi and I am a writer, actress, runner, health-food-obsessed college student. 🙂 ❤

This blog, originally a food blog, was started over the summer to showcase my love for healthy food and cooking to all my friends and family. I have always shared recipes throughout the years via Instagram, Facebook, a Facebook page, different Facebook groups, and sometimes Twitter, but creating this blog has allowed me to keep all my delicious food endeavors in one, organized place.

Fitness and food, but mostly food, are life. I love running because it feels good and love eating because it tastes good. Both release a steady flow of endorphins that keep me happy and a steady flow of heart healthy benefits that keep my genetically induced high cholesterol under control.

Creating this blog helped encourage me to understand the characteristics of a low-fat diet that promote cardiovascular health by developing and trying out others’ healthy recipes i.e. bloggers, authors, etc. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them and the foods I started eating gave me the strength (both physically and mentally) to finally accomplish my goal of running my first half marathon. 🙂

I am a huge advocate for living a healthy, happy, active, and tasteful lifestyle. And I cannot wait to share it all with you!


Rebijord ❤