Some Things I Miss From Home

Peanut butter. Whole grain rolled oats. Kale Chips. And RX Bars.

Ah, yes. When I received this package from my mom about a week ago, I was beside myself with happy feels. While living and traveling abroad is fun, I can’t help but miss some of my almost daily at home favorites. I’m so used to eating oatmeal for breakfast. Religiously. And RX Bars are currently my favorite type of protein bar because their ingredients are LEGIT (Dates, Cashews, Almonds, Cacao, Natural Chocolate Flavors, and Sea Salt– THAT’S IT…and if you’re wondering, that’s for the flavor pictured above). They are dairy, soy, and gluten free AND contain no added sugars 🙂 What more could you want in a protein bar??? Literally #perfection

SIDE NOTE: RX bars were my go to during finals week at the end of my fall semester. Paired with some Trader Joe’s coffee, a bagel and low fat cream cheese. GOOD LORD. C’était très delicieux. =P

Mom was a sweetheart sending this package because it also contained my fave Trader Joe’s whole grain rolled oats (that I actually finished today lol!…didn’t take long), low fat pita chips, almonds, tea, the two bags of kale chips (one of which I’m trying to finish slowly b/c I already know I’ll be sad when they’re gone), AND TWO JARS OF MY FAVE TRADER JOE’S CRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER!!!

Don’t get me wrong, the food out here is great. But adding a touch of home and continuing my familiar lifestyle/diet, has shot my experience abroad up 10 levels because now every day I’m getting the comfort of home in my belly. 🙂

And whether it be sheer luck, good karma, or just plain coincidence, I’m happy to announce that I’ve recently found a health food store in my area! They sell raw fruit and nut vegan protein bars (Roo’Bar is the brand) and powders (currently trying an Organic Vegan Hemp Seed Protein by the brand Purasana). This store also has coconut milk yogurt (that is vegan and soy free!), and WHOLE GRAIN ROLLED OATS! Also tons of gluten free options in the form of pasta, baguettes, and pizza dough! Not for me, for my gluten intolerant friends. They’re gonna be so happy.

Aside from being reunited with my precious foods (both from home and here), I’ve found that I’m really appreciative of the journey I had to go through (mentally and emotionally) to adjust to this new culture I’ve been exposed to. I’ve finally figured out how to drink enough water, where to get snacks, which café’s serve food all day and which ones don’t, as well as the hours of all the best restaurants (that I’ve tried so far).

When I first got here, I struggled a bit with ending my day either overly full or not full enough. Now that I’ve really taken advantage of the past month and a half to explore, I feel like I’ve built a solid home life for myself. I’ve finally figured out a routine that feeds my runner’s cravings and makes my heart happy. 🙂 ❤

The only thing I’m sad about (more than the kale chips running out) is finishing my last RX Bar. Although, I googled their website to check out their mission statement/other flavors (cuz I’ve only ever tried their chocolate sea salt and maple sea salt flavors), and FOUND OUT THEY SHIP! 🙂 But not internationally. 😦

Maybe I’ll get my dad to ship out the next batch? Eh. We’ll see. In the meantime, ya gurl is bout to hit up RX Bar’s “contact us” page and see what she can do. Do you think they would accept a brand ambassador application??? Maybe then they’d ship hehehe.

What are your favorite foods from home? If you were abroad, did you miss them like crazy? Did your parents or someone else ship you the goods?

As always, thanks for reading! Imma bout to dive into my jar of crunchy peanut buttery goodness now. 😉 See ya in the next post!


Rebijord ❤

3 thoughts on “Some Things I Miss From Home

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re happy and loved the care package! You definitely should be Brand Ambassador for Rx bars! ❤️ U!


    1. Aw thanks mama! 🙂 ❤ Yes! Yes! That would be amazing wouldn't it?! Especially since after checking out their website I rly rly rly wanna try their chocolate coffee flavor!


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