My Favorite Way to Eat Trader Joe’s Hemp Seed Protein Powder

When trying new ways to get my daily needed protein, I like to search high and low getting products I’ve possibly never even heard of before.

This time I thought it would be fun to give Trader Joe’s chocolate flavored hemp seed protein powder a shot. And upon first tasting it…

I thought it was absolutely disgusting.

But alas, I thought, there has to be a more delicious way to eat this damn thing. I already spent $10 on it.

And so I was determined. My first experiment was mixing it into a shake of peanut butter, bananas, and almond milk, as I usually do with other protein powders, but this one was way too bitter for my taste.

I then tried mixing it in a batch of overnight oats (recipe to come and which I much prefer stirring a scoop of Shakeology into because it is waaaay sweeter and delicious…post also to come about Shakeology) but it was still bitter. Even with a few slices of banana on top. Just pure yuck.

On the verge of giving up one day, I scooped a heap of this devilish hemp seed into a cup of my usual nonfat Greek yogurt, and it was life changing. Topped off with some fruit, it had just the right amount of chocolate-iness (which comes out strongly when mixed with the yogurt) and my desired sweetness (from the fruit). My fave way to  eat this currently is  with a cup of chopped pineapple and a 1/2 cup of museli (pictured). 🙂

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