Welcome to my Blog!

Hello and welcome to my official food blog! I’m very excited because this is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I have an extensive love for food and writing (which if you know me already, this is quite obvious) so, of course, it seemed fit to combine my two passions and put them all on one website! So voila…I hope you enjoy. And if you are new, I’m thrilled/honored/through the roof (moon?) to be sharing my food pics and recipes with you 🙂

You probably just read the above thinking “ok who cares, I just wanna know what’s in the pic.” Yeah sexy, isn’t it? More to come, but this beauty is called oatmeal pancakes (kind of a failed recipe ngl, I need to modify what the website I looked at said) but that’s just the fun of making this blog. I’m taking original, and pre-existing recipes and combining the skills I gained from watching The Food Network for 18 years (note to self: will add that as an official skill on my resume) and taking bomb ass pics so your mouths water and you wanna try and make it yourself.

So wow, congrats, thanks for reading all that. If you enjoyed it, stick around! And if not, you should still stick around because my pictures are beyond insta-worthy. And my closing statement? Let them eat cake! ….panCAKES that is.

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